Fischbein Sewing Heads

Fischbein Sewing Heads

Fischbein 200 – 201
- Designed For High Production and high speeds
- Self-lubricating and moving parts
- Exceptional reliability
- Easy maintenance

Key Features
- Completely sealed in oil, avoiding dust and dirt, a filtered self-lubrication system ensures a very long life of the parts. Reducing maintenance and costly down-times, consequently avoiding losses of money
- Compact design and robust “body”
- Very low weight
- Variable speed, adjustable by pulley for an easy synchronisation with the speed if the infeed and/or conveyor
- Easy adjustments of thread tension
- Fast thread and tape cutting system
- Needle cooler operated by compressed air
- Designed to work at high speeds

Fast and powerful for smooth performance with low vibration, Model 200 Standard and 201 Tape Sewing Heads are specially designed to meet the requirements of high production. Built for precision and durability, the Sewing Heads 200/201 feature a linear sewing speed that is fully adjustable up to 29,9m/min, making these new sewing heads perfect for closing at high speeds every type of open-mouth bag including paper, woven polypropylene and jute cotton burlap net. Both models feature a unique compressed air needle cooling system.

Regardless of how tough the working environment is, Fischbein’s heavy-duty precision components will give you years of dependable performance. Built with traditional Fischbein craftsmanship, the Model 200 and 201 high production Sewing Heads feature a, pressurized, self-lubricating system. Totally enclosed and completely maintenance free, this exclusive system protects moving parts from dust and particles ensuring maximum productivity and low maintenance.

A wide variety of accessories are available including a high-performance mounting pedestal, high-speed power infeed system, a full range of conveyors, bag-top folders, thread and tape break detectors, bag coders and photoelectric controls for system integration.