Medway 150U Sewing Head

Medway 150U Sewing Head

Medway sewing heads have a world-wide reputation for reliability and durability.

Ideal for operating in the severest conditions across the world, the 150U is precision built with a cast iron case and fully interchangeable working parts in hardened steel or high-grade bronze. For low outputs the sewing head is controlled by a footswitch and the thread is cut by moving mechanical knife. For medium and high output units automatic knife and switch gear are provided. The sewing head starts with the entry of the sack, the knife cuts the thread when the sack is clear and the motor stops.

- Closes paper and plastic sacks.
- Quick and simple sewing head changeover.
- Simple design for easy operation.
- Widest choice of stitch types with plain or sewn through closures.
- Good accessibility for maintenance.
- Choice of mechanical/automatic knife for low or medium/high outputs
- Easy to change knife gear: MKI – cotton only, MK8 – cotton and tape.

Other Options
- Kraft string adaption mechanism.

Single Head Pillar Unit
A fabricated head bracket carries the sewing head and motor, linked by a vee belt drive. The supporting column has enclosed screw-operated height adjustment mechanism. The base of the column is flanged for mounting on the floor or extension of the conveyor frame. The electrical controls for the sewing head (and conveyor) motor(s) are housed in a dust-tight enclosure behind the head bracket, with operators’ push buttons on the front of the machine.

Sewing Head
Medway 150U up to 35 feet (11.0) per minute (1425r.p.m).

Standard Motors
Totally enclosed fan-cooled, squirrel cage type with class ‘B’ (90 C rise) insulation.
P,2Pmachines :: 0.33h.p :: 920 r.p.m
HP.2HP machines :: 0.50h.p :: 1425 r.p.m

Standard Electricity Supply
380/440 volts, 3 phase, 50Hz

Control Equipment
Direct-on-line starter with isolator and no-volt relay HP, 2HP machines include DC injection braking.

Double head machines include combined isolator/change-over rotary switch.

All machines include provision for control of conveyor motor.

Standard dimensions
Sewing height range from base of column 2’5”-3’10” (137mm – 1168mm).
Sewing line to column centre-line 18” (457mm) Maximum overall conveyor width to clear column 2’6” 762mm).

Additional Images

Medway 150U Sewing Head
Medway 150U Sewing Head
Medway 150U Sewing Head