Medway Sack Sealer - P76

Medway Sack Sealer - P76

The Medway Sack Sealer Models P76, B76 & C76
- For use with multi-wall paper, plastic and woven sacks.
- Fitted with Medway type HS2000 sewing head for plain or sewn through tape closures.
- Sewing head secured by single handnut for quick change-over.
- A robust design provided in worldwide service.
- Easy height adjustment to accommodate varying sack lengths.
- Sturdily constructed bogie and rail assembly or chain and slat conveyor synchronised with sewing head and fitted with adjustable backrest.

P76, B76 and C76 machines have a sewing speed of 24ft (7.5m) per minute to close up to 10 sacks per minute or a sewing speed on 35ft (11m) per minute to close up to 15 sacks per minute.

To minimise manpower requirements the machine should be positioned so that the input end on the conveyor received the sacks directly from the filling spout.

As viewed from the operator’s side the sacks pass through the sewing head from right to left.

These machines are available in three standard speeds, with manual or automatic sewing head control and for applying a wide variety of plain or sewn through tape closures.

In all but the simplest machines, it is necessary to enter the sack into the sewing head, which automatically starts, sews, cuts the thread or tape and stops again, ready for the next sack.

A fabricated head bracket carried the sewing head and motor, linked by vee belt drive. The supporting column has enclosed screw-operated height adjustment mechanism on all machines. The chain and slat conveyor has folded section frames and cross members, adjustable backrest and combined motor/gear drive unit, directly coupled to the output shaft. The electrical controls for the sewing head and conveyor motors are housed in a dust-tight enclosure behind the head bracket, with operator’s push button on the front of the machine. The machine may be mounted on feet or castors

Standard Motors
All motors are totally enclosed fan-cooled squirrel cage with class E (65 C rise) insulation.

Sewing head
P76, C76 or C76 machines – 0.25kw 920 r.p.m or 0.37kw 1425 r.p.m

0.37kw or 0.55kw, 1425 r.p.m
Standard Electricity supply:
380 / 440 volts, 3 phase, 50Hz
On the HC76 and HHC76 machines the sewing head drive motors are fitted with d.c injection breaking.

Shipping Specification
P76 Range
- Size 140 × 79 × 81cm.
- Weight: Gross – 3000kg
- Nett – 174kg

B76 Range – 7’-0” (2.134m) long rail assembly
- Size 200 × 104 × 102cm
- Weight: Gross – 300kg
- Nett – 240kg

C76 Range – 7’ – 0” (2.134m) between centres
- Size 256 × 124 × 94cm
- Weight Gross – 600kg
- Nett – 495kg

Complete packing plants
Derbyshire Packaging Systems offer a nationwide service covering installation, commissioning and operator training. In addition, a routine servicing scheme is available to customers on a contract basis. A comprehensive stock of spares is held at Chesterfield.