Mistral Air Packer

Mistral Air Packer

The complete solution for valve sack applications.

The Mistral valve sack filling machine offers high speed packing of powders and granular materials and also mixtures of these products. The machine is complete with its own weighing system.

The Mistral air Packer is of the fluidising type, using air to convey the material into the sack. The material enters the machine through a control valve into a conditioning chamber and a porous pad is fitted at the base to provide aeration. A cut-off valve allows the material to pass through the filling tube and into the sack. The base of the sack is supported on a pivoting saddle which is also used to discharge the filled sack. A blower may be supplied to provide the air for aeration of the material.

- Handles many powders and granular materials including ground rock products, chemicals, sugars and refractory materials.
- Can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.
- Self-optimising weighing system]Fitted with Loadstar control.
- Automatic fluidisation control.
- Inflatable dust seal on spout.
- Electronic load cell weighing system and PLC controller.
- Designed for single and multiple installations.
- Can be connected to a dust extraction system.

Optional Extras
- Blower unit.
- Facility for interconnection to printer and computer.
- Automatic sack applicators.
- Range of spout sizes.
- Auto-tip saddle.
- Sampling facility.
- Stainless steel contact parts.

Up to 6 sacks per minute depending on the material and weight unit. When two or more closely spaced machines are installed, higher speeds are achievable.

After Sales Service
Derbyshire Packaging offers a countrywide service covering installation, commissioning and operator training. In addition, we hold a comprehensive stock of spare parts.