Newlong DS-9 and DS-9C

Newlong DS-9 and DS-9C

The Newlong DS-9 and DS-9C

The Newlong DS9 sewing head is a precision built head, currently the most versatile of all heads available. Suitable for closing paper, polypropylene, woven jute and every type of open mouth sack.

The Newlong DS9 runs smoothly at its maximum speed of 2700rpm, thus maximising your production and giving greater cost efficiency.

The well-balanced rotational parts ensure very little vibration. Ideally suited for use with high speed bag filling lines with a conveyor speed of 25m/min. Interchangeable with most existing sewing heads. All parts are protected against the effects of dust.

A unique but simple enclosed oil bath lubrication system greatly extends the life of moving parts and reduces maintenance costs. Model DS-9C is equipped with pneumatic guillotine type crepe-tape cutter.